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Contracted Loss Control & Risk Management Services

The success of any Public Entity oganization is tied to its ability to protect and preserve its human and physical assets. This basic premise serves as the cornerstone of an effective Safety and Risk Management Program and underscores the importance of Loss Control. Public Risk Underwriters of Florida is very aware of the valuable contribution that a comprehensive Safety & Risk Management Program makes to the bottom-line of any organization. Our Loss Control consultations originate with one basic thought, which is to recommend specific measures to minimize or eliminate the exposures that cause claims. Public Risk Underwriters of Florida Loss Control can develop a service plan tailored to your specific needs by recommending measures to control and minimize all types of accidents, injuries and illnesses to your operations and premises. We are dedicated to meeting the challenge of the complex issues you face by providing the following services:

General Safety Training

  • »  Access to an Extensive On-line Library of Training Materials
  • »  Access to an Extensive Video Streaming Library of Training Materials
  • »  On-site Training Available

Safety Inspections

  • »  Workplace Safety
  • »  Premises Liability
  • »  Playground

Safety Program Development

  • »  Injury & Illness Prevention Program
  • »  Fleet Safety Program
  • »  OSHA Compliance Programs
  • »  Safety Incentive Programs

Safety Program Review & Evaluation

  • »  Core Safety Program
  • »  Job Specific Program Elements

Claims Analysis & Management

  • »  Claims Investigations
  • »  Subsequent Remedial Measures Analysis
  • »  Subrogation Review and Analysis
  • »  Return to Work Program
  • »  Experience Modifier Analysis & Reduction

Safety Committee Development and Guidance

  • »  Assist with Establishment of Safety Committee
  • »  Work with Existing Safety Committee
  • »  Establish Safety Committee Priorities

Accident Review Board Development and Guidance

  • »  Police Crash Review Board
  • »  General Fleet Accident Review Board
  • »  Workplace Safety Accident Review Board

Specialized Programs/Services

  • »  First Responder Training
  • »  Hazard Specific Training
  • »  ADA Compliance
  • »  Physical Security
  • »  Ergonomic Analysis
  • »  Job Safety Analysis

Public Risk Underwriters looks forward to improving the performance of your insurance program by reducing your losses, posturing claims for positive outcomes, improving productivity, as well as enhancing your ability to provide uninterrupted services to your constituents. Public Risk Underwriters of Florida Loss Control Consultants, with over 75 years of combined experience, are strategically located within the State of Florida and currently serve the needs of over 400 Florida based public entities including cities, towns, counties, special taxing districts and schools. For information about Public Risk Underwriters of Florida's Loss Control services in your area, please contact: Kevin Meehan, Vice President Loss Control, Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc. at (407)484-6571 or [email protected].

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